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Ben Affleck
Josh Hartnett
Kate Beckinsale
Cuba Gooding Jr
Alec Baldwin
Michael Bay
Jerry Bruckheimer
Randall Wallace
Jon Voight - Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dan Aykroyd - Captain Thurman
Tom Sizemore - Earl
Catherine Kellner - Barbara
Leland Orser - Major Jackson
Michael Shannon - Gooz
Andrew Bryniarski - Joe the Boxer
Guy Torry - Teeny Mayfield
Matt Davis - Joe
Jennifer Garner - Sandra
Ewen Bremmer - Red
Greg Zola - Anthony
Malcom Feore - Admiral Kimmel
William Scott Lee - Billy
James King
Jesse James
William Fichtner

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Pearl Harbor : The Movie and the Moment
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941 (Commemorative Edition 5-Pack)
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