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Randall Wallace is not only the man behind the "Pearl Harbor" movie, he's the same man who was behind "Braveheart"--having written both the bestseller book and the script--but he's also the man behind "The Man Behind the Iron Mask," as the writer, producer and director. First and foremost, Randall is a dramatist, always in search of the broader story, the essence of the tale, as it were. Though he's been accused of distorting Scottish, English and French history, no one can argue that he doesn't tell compelling stories that make people think. Who but the Scots cared about William Wallace before "Braveheart"? How many young people had even heard of Alexandre Dumas until Wallace presented them with Leonardo DiCaprio in the dual role of King Louis XIV and his twin brother?

When I sat down with Randall at his Sherman Oaks, Calif. office recently, he commented that to most 15 to 20 year olds, Pearl Harbor is ancient history, and if seeing the movie "Pearl Harbor" causes them to seek out information about who the participants actually were--rather than his fictional characters--and what actually took place more than 50 years ago, then he has accomplished his role as the dramatist.

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