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American producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his partner Don Simpson have been behind some of contemporary Hollywood's highest-grossing features including Top Gun (1986). Before becoming a producer in the early 1970s, Bruckheimer was an advertising executive. In 1983, he and Simpson founded Simpson-Bruckheimer Productions where, working in conjunction with Paramount Pictures, they began creating mega-budget action/adventure films. The two are truly a complementary pair, and in the industry, Simpson is known as "Mr. Inside" because he worked his way up through the Hollywood system and is well connected, while Bruckheimer is known as "Mr Outside" because he gained hands-on experience with actual filmmaking while working in advertising. In 1990, their mutual agreement with Paramount ended as the new Hollywood trend was toward downsizing enormous budgets. In 1991, the two producers then signed a five-year non-exclusive deal with Hollywood Pictures, a Disney subsidiary. -- Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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