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Pearl Harbor Fan Review - By Matt Furman

I'd give this film a B. The only complaints I have are that the beginning/romance act is too long, and I don't like some of the comedy with the other fighter pilots. This movie sort of reminds me of a longer and better Memphis Belle. As for the acting, the three main characters were pretty decent in my opinion. I don't know what these critics are thinking saying they have no chemistry. The romance is too long and is sort of lame at times, but not even close to as bad as what the critics have been saying. Another thing that bothers me is the comments about Alec Baldwin. He really didn't do bad... I think his whole career is just now cursed because of his horrible voice. It makes him look bad. Also, those hospital scenes should have never been blurred out. So those are the only negatives of the movie. The pluses would be decent acting (not as bad as the critics say, again), the politics (John Voight was great, Shang Tsung and the other Japanese actors were great), the lighting of the movie was great (the colors were beautiful in my opinion), and of course the action scenes are the best part of the movie.

There you have my review. It's not the best movie, but it sure as hell is not as bad as the critics are making it to be. It's a very good movie.

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