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Feb 21, 2000:
For those who liked the musical scores to The Rocketeer, Braveheart, Titanic, Glory, and Apollo 13....well, you guessed it:  James Horner is set to compose the music for The Perfect Storm! I look forward to hearing and experiencing Horner's soothing, yet intensifying melodies on the silverscreen once again. 

Jan 27, 2000: Are you guys ready to purchase the DVD and VHS copies of The Perfect Storm? What? Oh the movie hasn't even come out yet! Well, a fellow reader of the site has sent in the following info concerning the DVD/VHS formats for The Perfect Storm: 
I also have sources that say Warner Bros home entertainment are already collecting various behind the scenes documentories and interviews etc for a Collectors edition VHS and DVD release
(Six months before the films theatrical release!!!) Cheers.>>
Thanks to Mr. Jeeves for the info!

Jan 25, 2000: Dark Horizons, a well known and popular site dedicated to spreading the news on upcoming movies has chosen The Perfect Storm as its most anticipated film of the year 2000. I agree..that's why I made this site:) Pay him a visit if you don't mind, his sites are always interesting.

Jan 18, 2000: A few of you have sent me songs, lyrics, and poems dedicated to the men/women who have lost their lives at sea. I will be putting them up for all to see sometime this week. If you have something that you have created and is related to The Perfect Storm, feel free to send it! 

Jan 17, 2000: If you purchase the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly entitled 'Our Guide to 2000' you will find a cool image of George Clooney's yet another film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" from the Cohen Brothers who gave us the brilliant film 'Fargo.' 

Jan 9, 2000: Well, this site is finally up and running with about 95% of the links working and full of meaty content. Let me know what you think so far!

Dec 13, 1999
: You can now check out the trailer for The Perfect Storm by following this link. Keep you eyes open near the end of the trailer...

Sep 21, 1999: At least those storm scenes will be realistic. After only a month of filming, The Perfect Storm has hit rough seas, claims the New York Post. The Post's sources say that the $100 million disaster pic is already $40 million over budget, set back by the beastly weather plaguing its shooting site of Gloucester, Mass. In a Sept. 9 story, the Boston Herald quoted a U.S. Coast Guard report of 2- to 4-foot seas in rain, fog, and scattered thundershowers off the Gloucester coast. Director Wolfgang Peterson shot the film's final scene early on, and Adrian Villalobos, a 17-year-old North Andover local who landed a part in the film, tells the Herald, "We got in part of the scene before a squall hit, and we had to wait it out."The film is an adaptation of the novel by Sebastian Junger, based on the true story of the 1991 disappearance of the fishing boat in a freak storm. (Although the book was called The Perfect Storm, sources variously credit the film as A Perfect Storm or just Perfect Storm.)

But the crew had to contend with more than killer squalls. Local fishermen are said to be giving easy-on-the-eyes stars George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg a hard time because they don't look enough like the doomed men they portray: Capt. Billy Tyne and Bobby Shatford, who went down with the Andrea Gail. Meanwhile, says the Post, actor Michael Ironside resembles his character so strongly that he was approached by a local who demanded the $5,000 owed him by the dead crewmember.

Ironside replied, "Man, I'm an actor. I'm just playing a part." The Post's source says the townie growled, "Yeah? Well I want my money." "The guy wasn't kidding," says the man-on-the-scene. "For a minute, it got really tense." The Perfect Storm is due in theaters June 30, 2000, barring further delays.

Sep 10, 1999: Clooney on High Seas
Now that he's preparing for the role of the tough captain of a commercial fishing boat for the movie version of Sebastian Junger's bestseller The Perfect Storm, George Clooney has been cavorting with fishermen and learning to navigate the 68-foot boat that is doubling as the doomed Andrea Gail. "I've been here a little over a week and spent some time down with the guys, hanging out, occasionally trying to get the guys to speak into a tape," Clooney told PEOPLE while on location in Gloucester, Mass. As for getting his sea legs, he said, "I didn't throw up out there, but there was a moment." He also took his first turn at captaining the boat. "The guys are saying, 'Slow, slow, slow! Back it up, back it up -- you can't just jam on the brakes!' " Clooney also suggested that he's prepared for the role in other ways: "I've learned how to drink."

People Daily, 9/10/99
Sep 9, 1999: Movie Stars Come To Town
A movie company is in Gloucester to begin filming The Perfect Storm, the true story of six Massachusetts fishermen lost at sea in 1991. Although the town's residents are eager to catch a glimpse of actors George Clooney, Mark Whalberg and actress Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, some residents say filming about the loss of the Andrea Gai. is bringing up sad memories for the families and friends left behind. The six died during a violent storm while fishing for swordfish off the coast of Nova Scotia. But Mayor Bruce Tobey says the filmmakers are treating the tragedy with sensitivity. The storm scenes will be filmed in a large tank on a Hollywood studio back-lot.
Yahoo News, 9/9/99

Sep 8, 1999: Clooney Filming New Movie in Mass.
Just months out of his surgical scrubs, actor George Clooney is donning fishing garb and sailing some rough seas. The former star of the hit show ER is starting to film The Perfect Storm, which details the last voyage of the Andrea Gail, a fishing boat brought down by a brutal storm. Clooney said Tuesday the story was a poignant and important one. "They're real people, they're real families involved," he said. The film, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, also stars Mark Wahlberg and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. It was to start shooting today in Gloucester for three weeks.
Associated Press, 9/8/99

Sep 6, 1999: Company Press Release The Perfect Storm ... Begins Production for Warner Bros., Baltimore/Spring Creek Productions and Radiant Productions
Wolfgang Petersen's The Perfect Storm, an epic drama based on the best-selling book by Sebastian Junger, starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Diane Lane, began production for Warner Bros. in Los Angeles on July 26, it was announced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Warner Bros. president of Worldwide Theatrical Production. The Perfect Storm is a true account of the courageous men and women who risk their lives on fishing boats and in rescue operations at sea. The unstated fears with which they live every working day are suddenly and terrifyingly crystallized when they are confronted by the greatest storm in modern history.

Directed by Petersen (Das Boot, In the Line of Fire, Air Force One) from a script by Bill Wittliff (Lonesome Dove), the film is produced by Paula Weinstein, Petersen and Gail Katz, with executive producers Barry Levinson and Duncan Henderson. Clooney stars in the upcoming Three Kings opposite Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube, and has just completed production on the Coen brothers' O Brother, Where Art Thou? Wahlberg won critical attention as the star of Boogie Nights and stars with Clooney in Three Kings. Lane most recently starred in one of this year's most widely praised independent films, A Walk on the Moon. Additional cast members in The Perfect Storm include John C. Reilly (Boogie Nights), Dash Mihok (The Thin Red Line) and Josh Hopkins (G.I. Jane).

Filming will move in September to Gloucester, Mass., where the events described in Junger's book actually took place, and will return to Los Angeles later in the fall. Visual-effects house ILM will provide computer graphics under the supervision of Helen Elswit and practical effects will be supervised by John Frazier (The Haunting, Armageddon). The cinematographer is Academy Award winner John Seale (The English Patient) and the editor is Richard Francis-Bruce (Air Force One). Warner Bros. will distribute The Perfect Storm worldwide.

Warner Bros. News Release, 9/6/99

Sep 4, 1999: Storm touches down in Gloucester
Leading men George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg and their costar, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, will head to Gloucester in the next few days to start [location] shooting The Perfect Storm, the Warner Bros. flick directed by Wolfgang Petersen. Among those greeting the stars will be author Sebastian Junger, who wrote the bestseller that inspired the movie. At a kickoff press conference on the set Tuesday, studio types will hand Junger a check for $25,000 for the Perfect Storm Foundation, which awards grants to children of commercial fishermen for educational programs.
Boston Globe, 9/4/99

Aug 18, 1999: Casting
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Limbo) has signed on to play swordfish- boat captain Linda Greenlaw in director Wolfgang Petersen's The Perfect Storm opposite George Clooney. Based on journalist Sebastian Junger's best-selling account of a fishing boat caught in 1991's horrible fishing-season tempest, The Perfect Storm costars Diane Lane and Mark Wahlberg. Shooting begins at the end of the month in Los Angeles and Gloucester, Mass.....
EntertainmentWeekly, 8/18/99

Aug 18, 1999: Mastrantonio Sets Sail In 'Perfect Storm'
By Chris Petrikin HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, who recently appeared in John Sayles' Limbo, will co-star with George Clooney in The Perfect Storm, a movie version of the best-selling book. Journalist Sebastian Junger's nail-biter revolved around the doomed fishing boat Andrea Gail, which got caught in one of the century's worst storms in 1991, and the valiant attempts to rescue its crew. Diane Lane and Mark Wahlberg also star in the Warner Bros. drama, which will be directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Air Force One). Shooting begins later this month in L.A. and Gloucester, Mass.

Mastrantonio will play Linda Greenlaw, the world's only female swordfish boat captain, whose vessel, the Hannah Boden, was the sister ship to the Andrea Gail. Beyond her role in Junger's book, Greenlaw later penned The Hungry Ocean: A Swordboat Captain's Journey, a memoir about her dangerous and male- dominated profession.

Mastrantonio's other credits include Scarface, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Color of Money and The Abyss.

Variety, 8/18/99

May 18, 1999: Clooney's Stormy Future
How's this for a coincidence: In 1997, George Clooney earned People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive honors. Joining him was Sebastian Junger, who walked away with the Sexiest Author crown. Neither celeb was particularly thrilled with the distinction Clooney renounced his title to protest the media's overzealous coverage of stars, and Junger refused to attend an Oprah episode featuring the year's winners. Two years later, Clooney will be starring in the cinematic version of Junger's nonfiction best seller The Perfect Storm.

According to Variety, Clooney will portray the captain of the Andrea Gail, a doomed fishing boat that succumbed to one of the century's worst storms. Ben Affleck is being courted by Warner Bros. to play one of the fishermen. Storm will be directed by Wolfgang Petersen, who worked with Sexiest Man Alive 1998, Harrison Ford, on Air Force One. The first Sexiest Man Alive, Mel Gibson (1985), was attached to Storm, as was Nic Cage (not a Sexiest Man Alive, surprise), but Variety reports that both leading men had to be let go in order to keep the budget in check. Specifically, Warner Bros. would only offer Gibson half of his usual $20 million fee, The Hollywood Reporter says.

The Reporter says Clooney should begin work on Storm Labor Day weekend, after wrapping up the Coen brothers' latest, Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Mr Showbiz, 5/18/99

May 18, 1999: Clooney Tapped to Star in Storm
NEW YORK (Variety) - After a weekend meeting with director Wolfgang Petersen, George Clooney has signed to star in The Perfect Storm, the Warner Bros. adaptation of the Sebastian Junger nonfiction bestseller about the doomed fishing boat Andrea Gail. His participation is subject to the studio being able to make a deal on the film, which will be produced by Paula Weinstein, Barry Levinson and Gail Katz.

The drama, adapted by William B. Wittliff, tells the true story of the ship that got caught in one of the century's worst storms. Even though the crew perished in waves that reached 100 feet high, Junger wove together a breath- taking tale involving the fishermen, their families and the valiant attempts to rescue the seafarers.

With Clooney aboard to play the ship's captain, the studio is also in talks for Ben Affleck to play the other big role of a fisherman on the boat. Like the storm in the story, Clooney materialized very suddenly. Wittliff's adaptation of a difficult-to-adapt book helped WB land the perfect director in Petersen, whose logistically challenged action hits include Das Boot, Air Force One, Outbreak and In the Line of Fire. Since then, the project has been considered a magnet for macho leading men, with both Nicolas Cage and Mel Gibson attached at one point. But studio determination to keep what's already a costly picture from going overboard led to a couple of big fish getting off the hook. Enter Clooney, who, after starring in the critically acclaimed Out of Sight, exited his role in ER to star in the David O. Russell-directed WB pic Three Kings, along with Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube in a film that opens in the fall.

Subject to a deal being struck, Clooney will begin work in early summer, just about a week after wrapping his role as a chain gang escapee in the Coen Bros.-directed film Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou.

Variety, 5/18/99

May 18, 1999: Wolfgang Petersen Set to Develop The Perfect Storm for Warner Bros.
January 29,1998 -- Director Wolfgang Petersen has been signed to develop The Perfect Storm for Warner Bros. The film will be produced by Paula Weinstein, Petersen and his partner, Gail Katz; Barry Levinson is executive producing. The announcement was made Thursday by Bill Gerber and Lorenzo di Bonaventura, presidents of worldwide theatrical production for Warner Bros.

The Perfect Storm will be adapted from the book of the same name by Sebastian Junger, which has spent 35 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. The nonfiction book tells the story of a momentous nor'easter, a 1991 storm that had a devastating effect on a crew of Gloucester, Mass., fishermen. A writer has not yet been selected to adapt the material for the screen.

Petersen most recently directed and produced, with Katz, the summer smash hit Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford, Glenn Close and Gary Oldman, and the medical thriller Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman and Rene Russo.

Weinstein and Levinson have recently partnered, with The Perfect Storm marking one of their first joint projects. Levinson was awarded the 1988 Best Director Oscar for Rain Man, starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

Warner Bros. Press Release, 1/29/98