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Premiere Exclusive! 05.21.2001
That's right, we'll be having an exclusive on the upcoming Pearl Harbor Premiere!  'Mr A' will be representing this site as he goes to the premiere!  He will be on the USS Stennis mingling with the stars, watching the movie on a huge screen and having a blast!  Then, he'll come back and tell us all about it!  What the premiere was like and what the film was like including his personal opinion, but without spoiling anything for anyone.  So be sure to keep checking this site for all the latest info!
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Check Your Local Newspapers! 05.20.2001
With the premiere of the film just around the corner, many local newspapers are featuring information on the film along with real survivor stories and historical information.  Nationwide newspaper features also have interviews and exclusives with Pearl Harbor cast and crew members.
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What's Going On? 05.18.2001
We'll tell you what's going on!  There are a series of appearances from guest stars and broadcasts relating to the history of Pearl Harbor.  First, of all, we'd like to thank 'Mr A' from our forums once again for the info which we have posted above so you want miss a thing!

Know of any other events?  Let us know by contacting us here.

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Memorial Press Conference-UPDATED 05.18.2001
UPDATE - Katalin has been kind enough to send us two more pics that were taken on the same day.  One is a nice shot of Michael Bay and the other is of the USS Stennis as seen from the memorial.

Last Wednesday there was a press conference which took place at the Arizona Memorial.  From that event, we are happy to have some pictures that freelance photographer Katalin G. Bultman has been kind enough to send us.  They are of Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer and Richard Cook (Disney Chairman) and you can click on the pictures on the left for bigger versions.

Also, if you have any pictures of any recent Pearl Harbor event, send them to

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Past Memorial Event Pics 05.18.2001
In a previous memorial event on the Arizona Memorial, planes from the movie were flown as part of the event.  Gerald Baber has decided to send in those pics for everyone to take a look at, so click on them for bigger versions and enjoy!
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USS Stennis Events 05.18.2001
A Local Hawaian newspaper has featured the events coming up on the USS Stennis during this weekend for the premiere of the film.  Local movie fan, 'Mr A' on our forums says that the article tells about "The exact event, entertainment, food and music plans and time schedules of events during the premiere on the USS Stennis."

You can check out the full article here and click on the left for a full diagram of the USS Stennis and how it will be setup for the premiere.

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More ET Exclusives! 05.18.2001
Today Entertainment Tonight aired some more information about the upcoming premiere of Pearl Harbor.  They also told even more about it on their website:
"On the deck of this huge aircraft carrier, tents are being erected, bleachers have been built to withstand hurricane force winds, a giant movie screen is being setup and the hanger deck is being transformed into a 1940's USO club."

and some other interesting information:
"At the much-anticipated event some of Hollywood's brightest stars will rub shoulders with such distinguished guests as PRESIDENT BUSH, his father, Bush Sr., Secretary of State COLIN POWELL and many members of the U.S. Senate."

To read the full article, you can check it out on the ET On-line website here.

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Live Interview and Chat! 05.17.2001
As the daily webcasts continue on Yahoo's new Pearl Harbor website, think keep getting better and better!  Today's feature is one that you can't miss!  It's an exclusive live interview and chat with Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay!  The event starts out with a live video webcast from the deck of the USS Stennis and goes on to the chat and information on the making of the film!  The chat is tonight at 6 PM Eastern time, so be sure not to miss it!  We will certainly be there and look forward to also chatting with other fans before and after the webcast.  You can get more information on the event here.
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Pearl Harbor TV Spots! 05.17.2001
Have you been watching TV lately?  Then you must have noticed all the new Pearl Harbor TV Spots that have been shown.  There are four different commercials each with its own theme.  You can check out all four commercials on Yahoo's daily events site here.
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Another Pearl Harbor Sweepstakes! 05.16.2001
Here's another chance to win some Pearl Harbor prizes.  This sweepstakes comes from and you can check it out on the Pearl Harbor section of their site here.
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NBCi Interviews Cuba Gooding Jr! 05.16.2001
NBCi's movie section has recently had an interview with Cuba Gooding Jr.  Cuba tells about how he feels about the actual event and the research that he's done while filming the movie.  You can check out that interview here.  Also, while you're there, take a look at the poll on the same page that asks what summer movie are you looking forward.  So far Pearl Harbor is in the lead with a large margin showing how much more anticipated this film continues to get.
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Just a Little Longer! 05.15.2001
Things are getting set for the premiere and for the release of the film nationwide.  Media on the film is is everywhere and will only continue to increase as these next few days go by.  There is only one more week left until the film will be released and there are going to be a lot of events happening.  We will bring you coverage of all those events on this site and keep you posted on everything that's going on.  In the meantime, check out Yahoo's daily webcasts which we will have a summary of each everyday on this page and a link to where to check it out.  Today's webcast is about some of the survivors of Pearl Harbor and their stories on the day of the attack.
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Film FAQ! 05.14.2001
We have put together a Frequently Asked Questions page on our site which answers some of the most common questions we get as E-Mail.  The FAQ is to help out those who may have some of these questions.  So check it our here and see if it answers all your questions about the film.  If not, feel free to contact us here.
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Pearl Harbor 3D Chat! 05.13.2001
The awaited 3d community chat on the official Pearl Harbor website is here!  You can chat with other people while walking through several 3d environments from Pearl Harbor.  You pick a nickname, download the neccessary software and you're set.  Then you can pick the avatar you want and even download the text-to-speech software to hear what others say.  In each environment, there is also someone from the film that talks to you about what to do.  It starts out with Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer and goes on to Josh Hartnett (on the left), Ben Affleck and others.  You can check all that out here.
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Newsweek Feature! 05.13.2001
Look out for the upcoming Pearl Harbor edition of Newsweek magazine!  The issue features the making of the film, a review, information on the history of Pearl Harbor and personal accounts from survivors!  You can read the making of the film on our site here and once you're done, you can check out links to all the other features on the Newsweek website including a special interactive feature from MSNBC here.  The magazine will be available tomorrow, May 14th, so look for it and then check out the Newsweek website for more!
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Pearl Harbor Soundtrack! 05.13.2001
The Pearl Harbor soundtrack is almost here!  You can now check out our Pearl Harbor soundtrack section here!  It has all the track listings, the lyrics to 'There You'll Be' performed by Faith Hill, and 4 sample clips to listen to!
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Tora!  Tora!  Tora! 05.12.2001

The Special Edition of Tora! Tora! Tora! is now available on DVD!  The DVD version features commentary from the director of the film and a Japanese historian along with a 20 minute documentary and more!

Events leading up to (well-staged) Pearl Harbor attack, from both American and Japanese points of view. Well-documented screenplay shows major and minor blundering on both sides, then recreates attack with frightening realism. Well-made film creates incredible tension. Oscar-winning special effects. Panavision. - Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide.


For more information on the film along with more reviews and to get your copy, click here.

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360 Premiere?! 05.08.2001

The premiere for Pearl Harbor is getting closer and closer!  And with that said, we have some new info on it!  It turns out that the $5 million premiere from Disney will be broadcast on the web live!  That means that even though many of us can't go, for a few obvious reasons, we can all enjoy it live on-line!  Not only that, but there will also be several 360 features to the premiere along with pictures and other things on the official website!  There isn't anything there yet, but come close to the premiere, this page will be filled with cool stuff!  Thanks to 'marietazsf69' on our forums for the info!  You can also check out the Pearl Harbor forum for more info on upcoming events!

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Another Cuba Gooding Jr. Interview! 05.07.2001

Cuba Gooding Jr. has was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno a while ago (clip above) and today, there was an interview another interview with him on Entertainment Tonight.  You can check out the interview on the Entertainment Tonight website here!

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New 'Remembering Pearl Harbor Contest'! 05.07.2001

Our newest contest is here!  Enter for your chance to win 'Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy - An Illustrated History' by Dan Van Der Vat with an introduction by Senator John McCain and paintings by Tom Freeman!  The book is beautifully illustrated and includes many personal accounts as well as documentaries and other forms of better exploring the infamous event.  Enter to win here and find our more about the book here.

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Japanese Trailers 05.06.2001

The Japanese version of the film is on its way with promotion.  It has recently had advertisements in newspapers and a new poster released.  There are also two trailers available which you can check out here.

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How many? 05.02.2001

119 pictures! has posted a few old photos, but many new in an article on Pearl Harbor recently.  You can read the article which is in French here. And take a look at all the pictures in our 'media' section here!

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ET Goes Behind the Battle! 04.26.2001
Entertainment Tonight will feature an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at Pearl Harbor tonight only!

"This big-budget epic, which recreates the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor -- a day that will live in infamy -- was shot on location in Hawaii. The story follows two friends (BEN AFFLECK and JOSH HARTNETT) who are caught up in the events that draw the United States into World War II. One enlists with the U.S. Army Air Corps, while the other flies for the British Royal Air Force, but both find themselves falling in love with the same woman (KATE BECKINSALE), a nurse."

You can read the full article about it on the ET website here.

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Listen... 04.25.2001
The official website for Pearl Harbor, has just released 3 tracks from the movie as background music for the site!  Check it out at

And, while you're there, you can get a chance at winning some of the new prizes that are being given away including the movie banners in the style of classic 1940s war posters, some international movie posters and more!

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New Pictures! 04.25.2001
Yahoo! has just released the 'Multimedia' section of their Pearl Harbor movie information website with new pictures from the film.  The pictures include never before shots from the movie as well as more pictures of the actors in the film including Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Dan Aykroyd, Cuba Gooding Jr., Josh Hartnett, Alec Baldwin and more!  You can take a look at them here.
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History Section Redone! 04.22.2001
Here it is, the beginning of our dedication to the heroes of Pearl Harbor.  The new Pearl Harbor history site.  Check it out here.
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Early Review! 04.21.2001
Here is the first review for the film!  Someone who was lucky enough to get a really early look at the film has posted his review over on Dark Horizons.  You can check out the review here or in our 'critics' section.
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Not just a movie, not just a website... 04.20.2001
While many this summer will be going to see 'Pearl Harbor' the movie, there maybe few that actually know exactly what went on that day, December 7th, 1941 and the effect that it had on so many people's lives.  When we started this website we started it to inform people about the upcoming film, along with the little things we knew about the history that the movie was about.  During this time, however, we have learned a great deal more from many people who have sent in their stories and information on how they were actually at Pearl Harbor or who have relatives who they have heard stories from on the subject.  These people -- these heroes who are kind enough to share their experiences with us are the ones who deserve to be remembered.  We hope that the movie will accomplish this.  We also hope that this website may do the same, in what little way we can.  In these next few weeks, we will try to do just that, by telling their stories as they have sent them to us; through writing and through pictures; and give you out there interested in knowing more a chance to learn from them and maybe even get a chance to talk to them and a historian who has been grateful enough to provide us with his knowledge of his father's experience as well.

We will begin this Sunday with a redesigned, fully organized history section and bring you a new article from historian Roger Hare in his series 'Pearl Harbor Remembered.'  The article will be about the battle of Honolulu and will be explained through the eyes of people in the middle of the attack, both American and Japanese and how things aren't always as people expect or often hear.

So we hope that those of you who don't know the history of Pearl Harbor, join us as we start off our dedication to these heroes, and for those of you that may already know about the history should also come back because, you will definetly be learning things that you haven't know before.

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