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New Forum! 10.28.2001
Our new Pearl Harbor forum is now up!  You can check it out here.
Server Problems 09.17.2001
We are still having server problems, so the forum is still down.  We will try to get a new forum as soon as we can, but for right now, you can post your thoughts on the recent 'Attack on America' here.
Pearl Harbor DVD Details! 08.17.2001
The Pearl Harbor DVD is on its way!  Here are the latest details of what to expect along with two pics of what it will look like:
Disc 1:
  • Animated Main Menu - The tentative plans for the menus on all 3 discs are groundbreaking. If used on the dvd, several brand new sets will be built, and scenes will be shot just for vignettes incorporated in the innovative menuing system.
  • Intro and Letterbox explanation by Michael bay (Approximately 2 minutes)
  • Pearl Harbor: The Director's Cut (Part 1)
  • Intermission Sequence (with score)
  • Audio Commentaries: Michael Bay with TBD. Technicians, including the DP, Production Designer, and Costume Designer. Jerry Bruckheimer with stars Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett, and Alec Baldwin.

Disc 2:

  • Pearl Harbor: The Director's Cut (Part 2)
  • Additional Bonus Features
Disc 2 & 3:
  • Making of Pearl Harbor: (Approximately 45 minutes) Segments will be:
a) Battleship Row Attack
b) Sandbag Explosion
c) Dorrie Miller at the Guns
d) The Airfield Attack
e) The Scramble to the Planes
f) The Dud Bomb
g) The Oklahoma Gimble
h) The Doolittle Raid
  • The Surprise Attack - A multi-angled breakdown of the film's most exciting sequence. (Approximately 30 minutes) Includes:
a) Video intro by Michael Bay
b) Multiple video tracks that will include pre-visualization: storyboards, artwork, animatics, effects plates, green screen, and final sequence--all accessible by switching angles.
c) Various selectable audio tracks, including:
- English Composite (5.1)
- Production Audio (1.0 or 2.0)
- Sound Effects (5.1)
- Music (2.0 or 5.1)
d) Commentaries from veterans, potentially moderated by an ABC NEWS personality (Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson, Ted Koppel or David Brinkley)
  • Pearl Harbor Historic Timeline
  • Faith Hill Music Video (Approximately 4 minutes)
  • Boot Camp: Actors being put through the paces in preparation for the film.
  • Unseen Super-8 footage
  • Animatic: Early computer concepts from Michael Bay
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Picture, Pictures, Pictures! 07.17.2001
Since our website has been released, we have provided you with all the media available from the film.  Now, we have gathered up all of the pictures that we've posted on the site and put them into one big slideshow!  From the production, to the film, to the trailers, to the premiere aboard the USS Stennis, to the film itself and more, we bring you nearly 300 pictures for you to enjoy!  Check them out now, here.
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What's Going On?! 07.16.2001
Well, it has been a while since we've had an update.  Events on the film have been wrapping up, and Pearl Harbor has been released almost all over the world.  However, there are still many updates that we are going to get to.  Our history section will soon have a never before released article from Roger Hare and a new personal account as well.  There will also be new pictures and information added to the site and we'll begin our countdown to the film's release to video and special edition DVD!  So, keep checking back 'cause things aren't over yet!
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Pearl Harbor Merchandise! 05.27.2001
Now that the film is out, so is all the great stuff relating to it! Here are some of the best things to get:
Pearl Harbor: Zero Hour Pearl Harbor: The Day of Infamy - An Illustrated History Pearl Harbor Soundtrack
Pearl Harbor : The Movie and the Moment Pearl Harbor Tora! Tora! Tora!

You can also check out other great stuff in our 'store' section here.

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Send Us YOUR Reviews! 05.26.2001
Originally, we were going to have our 'critics' section be the place where you find all the critics reviews available.  We were going to give you up to 50 released reviews from all sorts of critics, but we decided not to.  Instead, we've decided to change it to be the place where you, the fans, post your reviews on the film.  We felt that critics reviews just disappoint many people even though this is a film that everyone should see.  So go out, see the film, then come back and send us your review here!
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It's Here! 05.25.2001
Today is the day!  The US release of the film has come!  Go out and watch the film!  We'll be gone too, so expect to have our review on the film here soon and to also post other reviews of the film as well!  Also, for everyone outside of the US, be sure to check out our release dates all over the world here.
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Faith Hill Music Video! 05.24.2001
The music video for Faith Hill's newest song, "There You'll Be" is here!  So far, it's been aired on TV several times on VH-1 and CMT and will surely be shown more these next few weeks.  The video shows Faith Hill singing as well as a few clips from the film.  You can check it out here on a Faith Hill fansite and also take a look at an interview VH-1 had with Faith Hill about the video.  You can also check out some shots from the music video by clicking on one of the pictures below:
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Ben Affleck Chat! 05.23.2001
Yahoo has added to its daily webcasts by having a chat with one of the stars of Pearl Harbor, Ben Affleck!  The event will be tomorrow, May 24 at 9 PM EST.  For more information, check out Yahoo's site here.
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TV Events! 05.23.2001
The movie is only 3 days away!  And with that, the stars from the movie have started having interviews on various talk shows and Pearl Harbor historical documentaries and movie info has begun to air as well!  Today, Alec Baldwin was on the Rosie O'Donnell Show and will appear again tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman along with Ben Affleck on The Tonight Show!  So be sure to watch all that and everything else coming up in the next week.
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Full Premiere Coverage! 05.22.2001
Many have enjoyed yesterday's premiere and some including our own 'Mr A' have been nice enough to share the experience with us.  There is a lot recently on the premiere to tell about and to also show, but it's too much to cover on this page, so we've decided to put a new page that has all the info on the premiere.  You can check out that new section here and stay tuned because there should be more to come!

In the meantime, don't miss tonight's Entertainment Tonight as they continue airing from the USS Stennis and are expected to show some exclusive video taken during the premiere!

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Yahoo Chat Transcript! 05.22.2001
A few days ago, Yahoo featured an Interview and a chat with Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay.  It was part of Yahoo's promotional Webcast events which are still going on daily.  For those of you who may have missed the chat, the transcript for it is now available here.
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New Clip! 05.22.2001
ABC News's website has a 'Special Report' section on Pearl Harbor that you have to check out!  It's about both the movie and the history with some nice interactive sections to enjoy as well as a new exclusive clip from the film!  The clip is of Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck as they get into an argument about Ben's flying techniques.  Check out the site here and the large version of the clip here along with the small version of it as well here.  And you can even take a look at some pictures that we got from the clip here.
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