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A story, some pictures and a preview of more... 04.26.2001
Our first survivor story is up in our 'personal accounts' section for Jodi M. Spangler.  Former Tech Sergeant Spangler not only shares with us information on his experience, but also includes diagrams and maps to better show the entire experience that many other also went through on December 7th, 1941.  Along with that, he even has an article relating to the USS Arizona that he calls 'The Heart Never Forgets'.  His story is one that you don't want miss and is a great start to more upcoming personal accounts on this site!

Our 'Pictography' section has been started with a simple idea of having just pictures with descriptions of them.  Currently, there are 12 pictures, but there are many more out there, so keep checking back for many more!

And, you can also take a look at a preview of our upcoming section to the site entitled 'Excerpts'.  The section will feature articles from different works on Pearl Harbor many of which are books.  We will be posting many articles from many different resources including pictures to go along with them and information on how you can get a hold of the resources we feature.  We start by bringing you information on 'Doolittle's Tokyo Raid' with a biography on James H. Doolittle himself.  As the commander of America's first raid on the Japanese homeland in World War II, he was already a noted aviator when he was called on to plan the mission.  Find out more about him here.

New look, new things to expect... 04.22.2001
We've redesigned the site for two reasons.  First, to make it look better and easier to work with.  And second, to be more flexible to allow us to post more content on it.  So this is just the beginning.  Soon, we'll be having a complete timeline of the events that led up to the Pearl Harbor attack, a huge gallery of pictures taken before, during and after the attack including a description of each, and within these next few days, we're going to be releasing several stories from Pearl Harbor survivors.

Not only that, but our series 'Pearl Harbor Remembered' by Roger Hare will continue to be released every weekend.  This week, we present, 'Battle of Honolulu', an in-depth look at people's reactions during the attack from both sides, the Americans and the Japanese.  Click here to check that our or be sure to visit the 'Pearl Harbor Remembered' section for more articles.

Also, as we bring you all this information, we're looking for you guys out there interested in helping out the historical community, by providing us with your stories, or your relative's stories about Pearl Harbor.  And, we're also looking for those interested on helping out with the development of this site.  So, if you have any stories to share with us, any ways you think you can help out, or just general comments and questions, you can contact us at

Doolittle's Tokyo Raid
Are you an eyewitness or survivor of Pearl Harbor?  Contact us for your chance to get your story posted!